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In the last few months the austrian duo Camo & Krooked released a lot of work to anticipate the LP which came out on the 23th June for RAM records. The first work is the Mini EP, released on November 2016, with two tracks: If I could (featuring the vocals by Joe Killington) and Ember. These tracks are really different from  the previous energetic and fast release (Nothing is older than Yesterday), still they have some echoes of Zeitgeist, such as the track All Night, in which strange athmospheres made of crazy synths and big reverbs end up with minimal drops composed only of drums, punchy kicks, fat snares and simple basslines.

On the 24th of February 2017 the duo appeared in the album Outer Edges remixes (Noisia), with their mix of Noisia’s track The Entangled.  In this track the minimal sounds taken from previous work are mixed with the original from Noisia to create a dark ambient suggestion. The synths, the bassline and the track seem to reveal  an old psybient track, taken from a soundtrack of an old sci-fi movie, full of cyborgs and big spaceships.

The iconic duo makes its return on the 23rd of March publishing the single Good Times, Bad Times/Honesty. The minimalistic sound that charachterizes the artists continues to evolve. In  Good Times, Bad Times the low male voices are perfectly combined with the cinematic sounds of this track, that has the peculiarity to brake and end in a “slow” 120 BPM tunes. Honesty features for the first time the beautiful voice of Krooked that is perfectly mixed with an energic drop, remembering me the tracks that the duo made in 2013.

Mefjus is a good friend of Camo & Krooked and he said that with Mandala they tried to make something that is both musically and sonically a mixture of their styles, breaking the barriers of subgenres within D&B. The final result, as a matter of fact, is pretty amazing. Rattling drums, slowly modulated basses and dark athmospheric pads end with a fast and energic drop that makes you going through an  oniric moment, where the fat kicks and the small snares take you up and down in this dream converted to music.

Another piece of this countdown to Mosaik is Like I Do that came out the last 2nd of June. Starting with some fresh rhodes keys and the vocals from James Harvey, this song  creates an incredible atmosphere from the beginning, making you sit down, relax and listening peacefully this amazing creation. The videoclips of these songs are pretty similar, taking artificial (in the case Like I Do) or natural (like Ember or If I Could) landscapes that are rotating, mirroring and dancing with the beautiful music of  Camo & Krooked.

The last anticipation of the album was dropped the 18th June on the Youtube channel of LiquicityDissolve Me. Starting with a slapped bass, a relaxing clean guitar and the chill vocals from Klei, this song makes you think  about a sunset watched on a beach near the sea, sorrounded by the sound of waves and the wind blowing. The minimalistic drop follows the artistic path of the whole album, but it’s sorrounded by shakers and sounds of glass that touch each other. This song is perfect to start the summer in a good way!

With this anticipation of Mosaik and the long time that the two artist have dedicated in this project we are sure that the new album will be one of the biggest production of this year, and it will be certainly a landmark in the recent history of Drum & Bass itself.


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