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Australian Connection is a compilation from Lifestyle Music that delivers us fresh tracks from nine australian producers. In this marvellous project, the UK based label Lifestyle Music puts together a lot of respected piooners of bass music (like Lockjaw and Dauntless) with some of Australia’s most promising producers. They spent the last year  seeking in the southern land for the most promising artists and so in this compilation we can find a lot of different sounds that vary from Techstep ’til Deep Liquid from Minimal ’til Neurofunk.

The LP opens with Reverse Nirvana by Dauntless , deep bass, glitchy drums and far away echoes from the indian Nirvana give us a warm welcome into this trippy  journey of Drum And Bass. Then we can find Gran Calavara, a highly regarded Neurofunk producer with Panorama. The third track is a techstep banger from Lockjaw, the famous producer  from Cranberra, where the modulated bass and shooting “space lazerz” creates a chaotic enviroment.

In the middle of the EP we can find three of the best newcomers picked from the vast and wild landscape of Australia and of Drum & Bass: Euph, Okuli, VLTRN. Cinematic strings and dark pads create a creepy atmosphere that has its peak with the drop built with quality fat basses and heavy drums.

The last three tracks of this EP are very peculiar because the sounds change a lot from the previous three works. The young producer Ewol kills our subwoofer with Short attack, mixing atmospheric pads with neurodeep basses. Terrence and Phillip mix rattling drums and simple sub basses to create a minimal but energic track. The last track (Stay) is from Manikin and I admit that the first time I’ve listened to this track I was very shocked (in a good way!). This track is a Liquid Funk track with deep basses, chill vocals and a beutiful guitar intro, totally unexpected at the end of a Neurofunk collection of songs, but honestly the perfect way to close it! You can listen to it at the links provided hereunder, as well as buying it if you liked it as we did, from the 8th of May on, at the link provided.




Lifestyle Music:

Website – http://bit.ly/1WN0sSf
Facebook – http://on.fb.me/1MBexvb
Soundcloud – http://bit.ly/1GXbUn4