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Savage. It’s the perfect time to use this word which is so common nowadays. The balcanic producer Filip Motovunski, of which we said some cute words also some time ago for his recent release Lava VIP, just remixed the most iconic song of the original soundtrack of The Lion King, one of the most famous broadway musicals and also disney cartoons. The story of Simba inspired generations, including mine, in pursuing  dreams and face pure evil with an open mind. Also, it taught us that if you meet a meerkat and a warthogh together that might end up being silly. Now, thanks to Filip and his creative mind, it can also make us dance!

The song is pretty weird in its own beauty, vocal chops are just a little bit different from the original and the order of some of the words in the african song (The Circle of Life) is scrambled some times to create a different melody. Given how much we all know the song, it feels awkward in the first place but then it proves to be a good idea: the drop is nasty. I really liked the idea to fuse this famous, traditional song with drum & bass, it’s unusual and great at the same time. Nice try! I sadly can’t embed any YouTube video here this time, but if you open your browser and google it  you’ll find it as long as Bad Taste recordings released it today.



Filip Motovunski – Links:


Bad Taste Recordings – Links:


Matteo Schiavinato
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Matteo Schiavinato

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Macspider is an italian Techno and Drum&Bass producer, living in Vienna (Austria). Spanning from Techno and Neurofunk to Liquid, the sound of Macspider reflects his polyhedrical interests and tastes, with a touch of epic soundtrack-like sounds. He is also a passionate guitar player and is a PhD in Bioinformatics in the daytime.
Matteo Schiavinato
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