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On the 21st of June, the Sun reached its northest position. As seen from the Earth, this moment is called June Solstice and determines the beginning of summer. This means a lot of things: higher temperature, holidays, beaches made of golden sand etc etc… To me (and to all the other junglists) it means Festival season! Good music, big soundsystems and all of that to be lived outdoor. But how can this be a faboulus summer without an appropriate soundtrack ? Viper Recordings is aware of this problem, and for the 8th year in a row helps us by publishing the Drum & Bass Summer Slammers compilation.

This compilation is composed by 34 songs by a lot of well-knowed Drum & Bass producers such as Matrix & Futurebound, Dimension, InsideInfo, Cyantific, Friction, Jaguar Skills, Tantrum Desire, The Prototypes, Original Sin, Koven, Mob Tactics, Trei, The Upbeats, Turno, North Base, Murdock, Dossa & Locuzzed  and BMotion. Viper head-honcho Futurebound has also rounded up 10 hot new unreleased Viper exclusive tracks from rising stars including: Hillsdom, Insomniax, Toronto Is Broken, Dub Elements, Cynematic, Disaszt, Aktiv, Juno, Living Plastic, and Octo. The last track is a mix of all the compilation made by Dub Elements.

In this compilation you’ll find all different kinds of Drum & Bass. In its beginning Matrix & Futurebound,Murdock  and NCT give us fast and energetic Liquid vibes, but later on, the first Neurofunk tracks from famous artist like Upbeats and Mob Tactics make their way to the scene. And for the ones who want to skank listening to a Jump Up banger? No,problem! Turno and Dossa & Locuzzed give us the right track to start moving your feet. In the end of the compilation we can relax and listen the deep and liquid tracks by the young talents of Viper Recordings.

This compilation is the perfect partner for our summer: a perfect mix of every subgenre of Drum & Bass containing both young talents and well-knowed producers. Enjoy!

Pre-Order Link: https://www.beatport.com/release/drum-and-bass-summer-slammers-2017-viper-presents/2041237

Viper Recordings