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The first time I heard something from Flite was two years ago while listening the “Galaxy of Dream 2” compilation from Liquicity. In the middle of the compilation I found Colorless, a deep-bass track with some fast Amen breaks, chill vocals and some fairy plucks: I instantly liked it. Going back in time, it clearly seems that from the first EP his path has evolved a lot. The first EP, Begin, contain three tracks, with sounds that change from atmospheric ’til songs like Thoughtless, an energic track with some happy vocal chops and mellow synths. 

However, to understand Flite’s music we must listen the “non-DnB” production, because this artist create also music for videogames. Cinematic drums, horns and violins to explore new and epic scenarios; fast rhythms and catchy synths, to fight a boss in the final level. Flite explores the beauty of this this music on his Twitch channel, streaming his production sessions live, so if you want to know more about his techniques don’t hesitate to catch up with him there!

The production of the last few months is really amazing, and we can focus on three tracks in particular: The wind will carry you (link), The VIP edit of Blue Spark (link), and Awakening (link). But the real bangers were dropped on Liquicity Records on March 31, day of the debute of Flite’s new EP The Cure.The first track of the EP is The Cure and brings us in another dimension with its heavy drums and lush melodies,then we find Cloud District, a fresh half-beat song. After this one we have Be Still, a track with deep bass, rolling beats and fast dreamy plucks. The last song is Earth Past, once again an halfbeat track with robotic vocals and mellow pads (this one remembered me some works of Porter Robinson), in which we can found the strong influence by videogames music.The EP reflects Flite’s artistic path: echoes from videogame sounds, half-beat breaks and mellow synths are mixed togheter yielding an harmonic and more mature result, without compromising the drum & bass nature, the strong root of this artist.




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