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We enjoy drum and bass. Specially Liquid Drum and Bass. And we want to share the music with you. Music made by people like you. People that enjoy and love dnb. Here are four reasons why you should watch them:

quality drum and bass

We Upload quality music

We are getting a ton of music from unsigned/ unknown artist and make sure that only the ones with the best quality and vibe make it to our channel. The tracks you deserve. The tracks we feel the most and have the best quality. Creative and unknown work from artists all over the world.

Subscribing to our channel gives you tracks by Drum and Bass lovers for Drum and Bass lovers. Every month!

[tweetthis]subscribe to our channel to get tracks by DnB lovers for DnB lovers. Every month![/tweetthis]

unknown drum and bass producers

We support unknown Drum and Bass producers

We don’t pick just whats famous and known. We don’t upload tracks by well-known artists. We choose the ones without signing, without fame. But we choose the ones with a lot of talent and love for drum and bass and the community of it. The money we generate flows to them so they can improve their equipment, or just enjoy their life with it.

By regularly watching our videos and subscribing to our channel you can help ALL of the artists that sent a track to us!

[tweetthis]By regularly watching our videos you can help ALL of the artists that sent a track to us![/tweetthis]


consinstent drum and bass upload

We Consistently upload videos

Every month we release 2-4 fresh tracks, that made it through the quality check. If you want to enjoy a couple of new Liquid DnB tunes once in a while, subscribing to our channel will give you them.

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drum and bass timelapse

We make a video for every track

We don’t just upload a track with a picture and a Logo on it. We make a clip for each of them. Sometimes it’s a timelapse with an astonishing view, sometimes a collaboration with local artists. Sometimes even with you!
We add a special value to the tracks we upload so your eyes can also enjoy the beauty of the clip.

Are you tired of just staring at a picture for the whole song? You want something interesting for your eyes too? Our Channel can provide you with what you need!

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Liquid Drum and Bass Network

You can help us

If you enjoy Drum and Bass, want quality music made by talented artists and/ or want your eyes to enjoy the track as well our youtube- channel is perfect for you! You should subscribe today and start to enjoy the submissions we release.

[tweetthis]You should subscribe today and start to enjoy the submissions we release.[/tweetthis]

Liquid Audio Network
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Liquid Audio Network

L.A.N. (Liquid Audio Network is a label founded by the mighty Zanidd& KYHU.
We represent the hottest underground liquid drum n bass.

Liquid Audio Network
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