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Hey guys!

So we are getting quite a collection of exquisite tracks on our YouTube- Channel. However there are two songs that compete against each other in matter of Views:

So we thought maybe we’ll do something “exciting” about these two. And here is what we’re going to do:

We are making a 500 Views challenge!

This means, the first of the two songs above (or any other song on the channel) to reach 500 Views first wins. The winner is going to be our channel Trailer for one month and will be announced on our website. So the track will get even more recognition 😉

How to take part

  1. Watch the video of your liking
  2. like the video (because this helps a lot!)
  3. Share the video with your friends

You can start sharing right now and here if you have twitter:

Lite Flow – We’re Gonna Make It
[tweetthis]help this song get 500 views https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R27ZbL3YwQE[/tweetthis]

Zanidd – Slowly Drifting
[tweetthis]help this song get 500 views https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s__N9n-AEO4[/tweetthis]

And for your entertainment, the two songs:


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Liquid Audio Network

L.A.N. (Liquid Audio Network is a label founded by the mighty Zanidd& KYHU.
We represent the hottest underground liquid drum n bass.

Liquid Audio Network
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