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If you haven’t read our “7 Best Blogs To Follow About Drum And Bass” Post I recommend to read it, including the comment section. It was the post with the most feedback we’ve got yet, so I decided to make a follow- up to respond to the feedback. We got so much feedback and new recommendations, that we’ll have to split this into a series I think. So here goes Part 1:

K- Mag & DnB- Blog



So the most feedback we got from you was about Kmag and DnB- Blog. As it seems they aren’t active anymore, but according to Chris Muniz – one of their former contributor and editor – there are some good news:



So I did what you would expect and dug deeper into it.


Bassrush is a really interesting site, with current content including interviews, events and guest mixes. The design is also really neat and the site is up to date. The only thing I didn’t really like was, that you couldn’t navigate through single categories, but had to scroll through all posts.

But they have really nice photo galleries and even offer to buy tickets directly from their website.


A site with news and reviews, including free tunes. Also really interesting is their show called “#dnbconfessions” with the real life stories, from the Heads that lived them. Neat!

Tambor y Bajo


As you could read from the above comment, this one is one of the most visited DnB- site for the spanish world. And I don’t know if you’re familiar with the fact, that spanish is the 2nd most used language (after mandarin and even before english) in the world. So this makes this site a really massive thing! At least this comment states it.

I don’t wanna be a cock- blocker, but according to their FB- Likes, Twitter Followers and YouTube- Subscribers, the community is even smaller than the “LAN- Community”…. But maybe this isn’t all about Facebook- Likes and YouTube- Subscribers. But their Site- Ranking isn’t very high, neither….



This one is a small site for our german bassheads. It is a small association in germany, trying to plan some dnb- events and talking about newcomers from germany. They don’t have much followers now, but maybe they’ll grow a bit like we did 😉 (Even doe we’re still not huge xD)

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