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Hey guys! Here’s a little list about some great DnB- Blogs. It’s not a ranked list, so the numbers mean nothing 😉 (BTW There’s a follow up now!)

1 Bassblog

Link: Bassblog

This blog is a nice source for drum and bass mixes. They have a variety of fresh drum and bass music even with category filter, so you can find the mixes of the music you like the most. These Categories include:

  • 320 Kps (for good quality music)
  • Deep
  • Drumfunk
  • Hard
  • Light
  • Liquid
  • Neurofunk
  • Oldschool
  • Ragga- Jungle

They even offer you the possibility to submit a mix to their site.

So if you’re interested, go check it out.

Link: http://www.bassblog.pro/

2 DnB Blog

Link: DnB Blog

A really cool blog, focusing on the scene of drum and bass. Features interviews, News, free Mp3s and Reviews. Sadly, the author gave up the project a while ago, but he is starting a new site, where he is going to focus more on the music itself, and not the scene.

Still a good read thought…

Link: http://dnbblog.co.uk/

3 K-Mag

Link: K- Mag

A website not only dedicated to Drum and Bass, but also to other “UK- ish” music in general. They talk about DnB, Hip- Hop, Dubstep and Bass Music from UK and around the world, featuring news and interviews.

Link: http://kmag.uk/

4 /r/DnB

Not really a Blog, but more a kind of social aggregator. Reddit offers a so-called subreddit /r/DnB for all Drum and Bass enthusiast. The “Board” is Community managed and offers a lot of good music and special contents like AMA – Ask Me Anything with some DJ’s and Producers from the DnB- Scene.

Link: https://www.reddit.com/r/dnb

5 Best Drum & Bass

Link: Best DnB

The self-proclaimed BEST Drum and Bass Blog is one of the most up to date blog we found (last post was written just a couple of days ago). They are more focused on the music, rather than on the scene and give away (free) songs and mixes. The site also informs about ongoing events, but the only one we found was in Amsterdam. I’d love to go to a DnB- Event in Amsterdam 😛

Link: http://bestdrumandbass.com/

6 dnbforum

Link: DnB Forum

Not exactly what you would call a blog, but more of a bulletin board. The discussions are great and there’s also some one online. It’s one of the biggest bulletin boards about dnb on the web and offers many threads and categories.

There’s even a “Mix of the Month” challenge. So don’t hesitate and join the community:

Link: http://dnbforum.com/

7 Liquid Audio Network

Last but not least, this website. We know we are still in the beginning and plan on getting bigger and to post more content. We focus more on Liquid DnB- music and DnB in general. So if you like to stay up to date and enjoy smooth liquid sound from underground producers, don’t hesitate to follow/ subscribe to our blog!


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Liquid Audio Network

L.A.N. (Liquid Audio Network is a label founded by the mighty Zanidd& KYHU.
We represent the hottest underground liquid drum n bass.

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