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Do you guys remember that some days ago we reviewed Telekinesis‘ new album New World Order (or Neurofunk World Order as the fanbase is calling it)? Well, if you don’t, here is the direct link to that, so you can update your Drum & Bass culture – which let me say is, at this point, lacking some milestones. What we didn’t tell you is what happened next: we had a chat with Markoman, one of the two slovenians that make up the Telekinesis duo, which told us one thing or two. Zdravo Markoman! Our interview begins with basic yet interesting questions about them.

How and when did you guys first met, and why this name? 

We were one of the few dnb producers in Slovenia, so we just started talking at a party. Must have been about 7 years ago. We thought the name was cool.

Can you recall the first gig of your life as a duo and as solo artists?

Well I remember my first solo gig… At least whereabouts and some images are still in the head. Would not know the exact date yet… Now you got me thinking about the first Telekinesis gig… and I have no idea when or where it was.

Smooth & Markoman, aka Telekinesis, wearing the Blackout and the Eatbrain T-Shirts.

My idea is that developing a name in music is hard per se, and doing it in Slovenia must be even harder given that the country is small. However, the Drum & Bass scene there is bigger that you readers think. This kind of music is popular in the balkans and in Italy, which shares a border with Slovenia, as well as in Austria. Therefore, the room for development is present. My next questions went in that direction.

What do you think about the drum & bass scene in Slovenia, and in the balkanic area more in general?

Slovenia was doing quite all right drum and bass wise in the early 2000s (considering its size). Now the previous scene has grown old and there were not enough youngsters coming. So the last couple of years were not the greatest. Maybe its picking up a bit lately again.

Do you think that the D&B scene is cool as it is, big but not enormous, quite famous but still underground, under-paid but still real, or do you think that there is room for improvement without spoiling it?

Yeah well that varies a bit from country to country some have it great some not so much. I think it will always stay about where it is at the moment.. Especially neurofunk, that shit (and I dont mean that literally) is not for everybody no matter how you promote it :). The more commercial stuff seems to grow lately though.

Who were your first idols in the D&B world, your favourite songs, the ones that brought you full throttle into D&B?

I started off with Jungle and and what people used to call “atmospheric” drum and bass. Then I soon found out about Aphrodite, Metalheadz, Ed rush, Fierce.

A view from North of the duo.
A view from North of the duo.

Kudos for naming Aphrodite, man! After these first introductive questions, my interest moved forward to more specific topics. As I am a producer myself, I always want to know what other producers use, and as I am a live performer myself as well, another key discussion point is their live performance experiences. Haven’t you ever wondered how does an artist deal with the pre-live hour, how does he/she face a sudden blackout or a failure, a bad performance, as well as a hyping sky-rocketing live? Well, I do, so I asked.

What is your favourite studio set up? Do you prefer starting a song from the drums or from the melody?

Fruity Loops for life! Serum, keeping it simple. Usually we set up a basic 2step drum loop before startng anything else. Luka (Smooth) has a very good ear for mixdowns, I doubt that that I will ever be that good. I try to experiment a bit more with sounds or fx.

If you were to choose between producer life and DJ life, which one would be the choice?

Producer of course. And Djing when they invent the teleport. I mean Djing is very much fun and I love to do it. Just the travels and lack of sleep can be quite exhausting and/or stressful.

Before the gig, some DJs have a nap, others read in the hotel room, others prefer enjoying the party instead. What are your rituals?

That really depends a bit on the situation. I am not a ritual guy. So I do what ever the opportunity offers. I do not like going early to the club though.

Tell us the best and the worst live performing experience of your life.

Well we were quite bummed after LIR 2015 performance. First some things didnt go the way we planned and then also the 15 minute electricity blackout. Was quite a bummer 🙂  I don’t know about the best one, there were many great ones. Sad how our mind works, that we remember the bad stuff more than the good, isn’t it ?

We heard from other interviews (Maztek – link) that Audio is kind of a heavy client to deal with in back-to-back mode. Do you have any similar story to tell us about someone that you see the same way?

Well I heard Cally & Teebee can rinse it out proppa’. Haven heard them together in a while though.

I know that sometimes, in a Duo, things can go south when producing, like when you want songs to proceed in different ways. Does this happen to you or the name suggests that you are somehow “connected”?

Uhmm not really, we always do those sort of adjustments on the fly. If one takes it to some direction and the other does not like it would last for about 15 minutes and they either would say, scratch that, return to previous version.

New World Order, their new EP, out in the last month for Blackout Music.
New World Order, their new EP, out in the last month for Blackout Music.

After this round of questions that helped me and you out in understanding what goes on in a telekinetic mind pre-during-and-post live, and in the studio, I decided to dig a bit more into what is actually happening in the studio, new projects, ideas and whatnot.

Do you like any other kind of music, which is not related to D&B?

Of course, we like any good music, no matter what genre.

Maybe you do produce it as well with other names?

Not at the moment.

New World Order is a massive piece of production. How long did it take to give birth to it?

Well we started to make it as soon as we signed off the masters for Obey EP. And I think in about 2-3months we made 6 tunes, and then we (together with BSE) chose the best 4 for NWO EP. (I just saw on facebook that people call it NeurofunkWorldOrder which sounds quite nice :))

Note: you can buy it here.

Which one do you think is the track that helped you getting there the most?

You tell me ? Its hard to say… even what I get from promoters… is like almost every promoter has a different favorite of ours.

Is it there one track that you would like -not- to have done, the one track that you regret having in your archives?

No. We try not to make fillers and we try to finnish every tune as good as possible at that time.

Tell us about your future projects, if you have any. What’s going on in your studio after the release of New World Order?

We have started working on new EP already, actually we want to make 2 because we would like to make one for Eatbrain as well, we will see. 🙂

If you see this, then it's too late.
If you see this, then it’s too late.

At this point, I wanted to close this interview with a last round of questions that I usually ask to everyone, because I like to read the answers. Some artists open up and tell you a secret, others don’t have one, others instead have regrets.

What is it, that makes you proud of yourselves the most?

Father of 2 wonderful kids. (guys contain that choir of awwww, I can hear it from here)

Do you have any regrets in your musical careers?

Why didn’t I try harder earlier?!?!?!?!

Usually we close the interview with a weird question, always the same for everyone, and we love to read the answers of this. Sometimes, when you’re alone you?

Watch the stars.

What we learned from this interview is that Drum & Bass artists can like to design edgy and heavy bass sounds as well as watching the stars and having a lovely family. This, sincerely, moves me. It does because I think that you don’t need to act like a rockstar to be one, you don’t need to prove yourself every minute to be what you are, and Markoman is the proof of this. Hvala za ta prispevek! (I won’t google it for you guys).

– Macspider

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