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Read this post to see why we love Liquid, and you should, too!

1 Diversity

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The genre of liquid itself is already a split of Drum and Bass, but liquid splits again into different directions. You got the more “house ish” style sound made by Camo & Krooked, then you got a bossa Influenced “Sambass” from DJ Marky and even a Jazz influenced “Jazz- Step”.

If you look at it from another angle, Liquid has a big variety and samples in it. It’s Almost like the (good) hip hop of Drum and Bass.

2 It’s relaxing

Let’s be honest: For going around 170 bpm fast, Liquid (especially Jazzstep/ Sambass) are quite smooth and relaxing. See the playlist above for a selection of chill liquid music we made on YouTube (including our releases and other songs). It’s not bad that it’s like that. I kinda like the relaxing jazzy vibes some tracks have but…

3 It’s also Rave- music

Tracks like the one above show, that in liquid, there’s a huge potential to rave to. Coming back to Point 1 & 2 you see that Liquid has a lot of diversity and can be relaxing on the one site and uplifting on the other.

Everybody that has been to Liquicity or a Hospitality event can confirm that you can have a lot of fun at a “liquid-rave”.

4 It’s high quality


Wheter you like liquid or not you gotta admit, that it has a high standard in mixing and audio quality. Maybe you can’t hear it, when you’re at a concert, but as soon as you plug in your earphones you get to taste the quality. I know I’m getting repetitive, but you should check out the song posted under number 3. It has so much elements in it and every piece is at its own place. The stereo landscape is huge, the frequencies clean.

Just great mixing and great quality. But…

5 It’s not only about the quality, … It’s about the vibe

Listen to this piece. It’s just so… calm but fast. A kind of Caribbean groove mixed with the uk style of dnb. The quality may be a bit less serious than on Camo & Krooked tracks but it’s still pretty good. And you get this old skool summer feeling vibe. Really good vibes. I must admit, I love DJ Markys music 😀

6 The Crowd

unsplash_5252bb51404f8_1 (1)

If you have ever been on a Liquid- Rave you know, that the crowd is mostly great. Yeah there might be 1 or 2 people that just annoy you and everybody else, but for the most part you’re just having a great time together. Even with complete stranger, just because the music unites us and we have all the same goal. To party all night long.

There might be one or two moshpits and maybe you will fall, but from my experience, there’s always someone to help you up again, so the party can go on!

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