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Hey guys, it’s time to look back at where we started and how far we got. So read on if you have a spare minute 🙂

It’s been almost a year since we started with the idea of Liquid Audio Network. And we are reaching our goal that we set. When we started, we wanted to give little known producers a place to start. A place where they could just give their music and see the appreciation. Because being a new producer nowadays and getting recognized is as hard as fighting against a titan.
sie sind das essen, wir sind die jaeger 😛

So far, so good

Well, we aren’t the biggest channel, nor the most visited website on the web, but we didn’t expect that. We set us some simple goals to reach within our first year. Our main goal being to reach a 100 Follower, Fans or Subs on every Network we had. And by Network we meant the Networks like Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and YouTube. And we are happy to announce that we need just a handful of subscribers on YouTube to reach our set goal.

It may not seem like a big goal, but seeing our network grow just a little over time was really awesome.

A nice twist

Something we didn’t really expect to happen, was that the artists would appreciate the idea. But they did. And with most of them we’re still in touch! We appreciate your help, your submissions and your support. One of them is even going to post some articles on our website in the Future!

Keep it going like this!

Our Goals

  • 100 Likes on Facebook – Done
  • 100 Followers on Instagram – Done
  • 100 Followers on Twitter – Done
  • 100 Followers on Soundcloud – Done
  • 100 Subscribers on Youtube – Still in progress
  • 3 Songs/ Month – So far, so good 😛

you can help us reach our last goal:

Future Goals

  • Create a second channel to give you more “behind the scene” info
  • upload at least once a month to our second channel
  • More posts
  • (even) better clips
  • more collaborations
  • limited edition merch
  • more traffic, more interactivity, more views, more networking

Sorry for the long post, here’s a gallery of peeps wearing our merch 😛

PS: get yours here (US or EUR)

Check out our artists  connect with us.




Co- Founder at Liquid Audio Network
Junglist, Drum And Bass enthusiast and Hip- Hop lover.
I started LAN with my friend KYHU to give unknown talents a place to shine bright.

I write a couple of blog posts and also released a couple of songs on LAN.

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