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On April 28, Posij (pronounced ‘poss-eye’) dropped Attention, a 4 tracks EP. This young producer  from Groningen in the Netherlands (the same hometown of Noisia) made an absolute masterpiece of bass music in this EP, released by Neodigital recordings, the Neosignal’s little sister (the label founded in 2008 by Phace and Misanthrop). Neodigital is famous for challenging itself to try new ideas and not to fall into the standard patterns of music. This idea of “limitless music” perfectly reflects the sound of this new EP.

These EP cointains only four tracks that are enough to take us down in a trip between techy sounds and raw basses. The first track (that gives the EP title) is Attention; a track with speedy rattling drums  and basslines. Followed by Jovial, a dark track with syncopated drums, jungle percussions and creeepy pads. The last two tracks are simply amazing and tell us that Posij has a real new way of exploring bass music. In Ecstatic he gives us us a clear example of that: high pitched voices and percussive jungle chops create a beautiful crossbreed track. The last track is Throb, a very peculiar song; that is to say that it can’t be categorized into a standard music cathegory. The 140 BPM and the halfstep drums make us think of it as a dubstep song, but the fast vocal chops and the distorted kick bring us at somenthing similar to swaggy trap songs. Surrounded by dirty basses and creepy sounds, Throb has got a unique atmosphere, comparing to the other tracks of the EP; it’s the concrete epiphany of Posij’s concept of music without borders, without standardized patterns, focused on exploring new scenarios, a limitless music.


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