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Dear members, you have chosen.

The year 2014 is over and a new year has already started. We hope you had  a healthy start into the New Year.
We present you the best songs of 2014:

3rd place – Zero Fucks And A Cup Of Coffee by KYHU

This was KYHU’s Debut track. Rolling basslines with massive breaks, added with some smooth parts of Liquid as he describes his sound. This was one of our first “Timelapse”- Videos ever and we enjoyed that it has reached 3rd place! Thank you for voting!

2nd place – Slowly Drifting by Zanidd, Discharger by Dalotec and KYHU’s Music Made Addict Liquid Bootleg

Hold on, hold on, hold on. We have 3 Songs on the 2nd place? How the hell did we manage this? We need to split this section up a little:

Slowly Drifting by Zanidd

At first we thought this song will take place 1, because it was the one with the most views and the most view-TIME. But as you can see it “only” made it to the 2nd place.
It is a kinda moody and smooth track, but whats also to say about this track is that’s Zanidd début track. And we are proud to present it on this list!

Discharger by Dalotec

This song was also seen by us as one of the top. It was our first release made by someone other than Zanidd or KYHU and we really enjoyed the submission. Keep that stuff coming!
Discharger’s definitely a banging mix between rough and deep Neurofunk and smooth Liquid.
Turn up the volume and enjoy this blast of breaks.

D-Block & S-Te-Fan -X- Music Made Addict (KYHU’s Liquid Bootleg)

An exclusive Bootleg of the magnifique Track by D-Block & S-Te-Fan. Music Made Addict in Drum N Bass manners. Another submission by KYHU in the top 3. Amazing. Keep that stuff coming! This is by now the most downloaded song on our soundcloud page!

1st place – Last Glance of Summer by KYHU & Zanidd

Amazing. This song was our first work for LAN. We always think about this song as LAN’s first theme song and are very glad that it was voted to the top. As you can see it is a song made by the two founders of Liquid Audio Network and we are very glad that it reached the top!

Enjoy this hearttrembling drum n bass tune!

What’s your opinion?

Did you like the outcome? Yes, No? Why? Tell us what you think in the comment section below!


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Liquid Audio Network

L.A.N. (Liquid Audio Network is a label founded by the mighty Zanidd& KYHU.
We represent the hottest underground liquid drum n bass.

Liquid Audio Network
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