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There’s a massive scene coming up from the East and the Netherlands. Great Britain brought us Jungle, Liquid and all smooth genres of Drum & Bass (of course they also created Darkstep, but it was definitely more decent, than it is nowadays). The East and the Netherlands bring us exactly the opposite with their hard snares, hardcore kicks and aggressive fast breaks. But let’s start at the beginning of this movement.

There was always a slight mix between Darkstep and Hardcore but it mostly ended in chaotic Breakcore, which still is a small scene. But ‘The Outside Agency’ made their experiments with dark industrial hardcore and darkstep in 1996 until present, keeping it not that chaotic like Breakcore and regulary in it’s rythm. So in 2010 they first collaborated with Hard/Darkstep producers like Donny & Current Value and created the first bridge between this two worlds.

Nowadays it has evolved itself into a bigger scene and as a genre itself “Crossbreed”.

So whats Crossbreed exactly?

Crossbreed is played at 160 – 240 BPM and is a perfect mix between Industrial Hardcore and Darkstep. Mostly they create rhythms like Kick Snare Kick Snare, or just
Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick, Kick, Snare or sometimes Kick, Noise, more Noise, harder Kicks, Snare. The Snares are hard and often contain metallic sound. Also remarkable is, that the Kicks are extremely hard and the Djmixes really bring you to your limits.

Stunning is, that especially in eastern countries like Slovakia or the Czech Republic is a big Hard/Darkstep and Crossbreed scene. And also there are a lot of Producers from these places, like Cooh (Bulgaria), Limewax(Ukraine/Netherlands), Counterstrike (Czech Republic) or Forbidden Society (Czech Republic).

In the Netherlands you’ll find the hardcore touch in Drum & Bass. If you check PRSPCT, which is the leading Label for this kind of music, you also find the PRSPCT-XTRM Artists, which clearly don’t like to play around. Straight kicks to your eardrums, embellished with rough snares and screaming leads.

If you’re interested in discovering this amazing mind-blowing genre you should check following artists:

  • The Outside Agency (Crossbreed)
  • Detest (Crossbreed)
  • AK Industries (Crossbreed)
  • Limewax (Hardstep/Darkstep)
  • Cooh (Hardstep/Darkstep)
  • C-Netik (Crossbreed)
  • PRSPCT Label (Hardstep/Darkstep/Crossbreed)
  • I:Gor (Darkstep/Hardstep/Crossbreed)

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Co- Founder at Liquid Audio Network
Kyhu started to create his first beats in 2007 with a cracked version of Fl Studio 5. After a few months he decided to get a legal copy of Fl Studio and continue making music. First he did some rather shitty Jumpstyle. After that he recognized that he could also produce shitty house.

In 2009 he started a hip hop project with two friends of him, called Copywrite. Copywrite soon transformed into 777, which became the home of the rapper Wrung $ Kid and Kyhu's alias Blue Mask Productions.

In 2014 Kyhu decided to leave Hip Hop and tried to do something new, drum & bass. Finally he has found a genre, in which he found himself a home. A genre which he liked to produce and more important to listen.

So at this point he had the idea to found a label with his fellow and friend Zanidd. And Liquid Audio Network was born.

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