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80’s synths, marimbas as percussions, a huge nostalgia for the 1987’s cocktails and a cabriolet: these are the magic ingredients that, put together, create the unique atmospheres of Cyantific‘s new EP Under the Neon. Jon Stanley (aka Cyantific) plays with our feelings with the gentle touch of the roaring eighties while slapping the kick hard as Phil Collins during the Live Aid concert. The first seconds of Under the Neon set the tone of the two songs, with romantic leads and timeless percussions. When the main lead rises and defines the theme of the song, you are already in a different epoch and before you can say “baywatch” you’re already shaving your head to achieve a proper mullet haircut while having a banana daiquiri and planning to reach Miami.  The second song Hollywood doesn’t lose this atmosphere: the synths before the drop are a pure concentrate of what the REM-phase in Giorgio Moroder‘s mind could have been during his best years. Creepy leads, trembling sounds, and finally a massive drop.


Jon Stanley aka Cyantific
Jon Stanley aka Cyantific

What surprised me was the general feeling of this EP: while listening it, I was literally figuring out in my mind how it would have fit perfectly with some scenes of one of my all time favourite TV series: Stranger Things (2016). I wasn’t even able to finish this thought and follow Cyantific on Twitter that I stumbled on this tweet of him:

“The Stranger Things soundtrack makes me want to sell all my possessions, grow my hair, buy analog synths and jam out.”

Well, I wasn’t that far with this review of your EP, Jon, am I right? We strongly recommend you to take a listen to this marvellous work of art, because it really is something unique in the drum & bass panorama. We provide here all the links you need to reach out to Cyantific and his music plus a linked track from YouTube at the end of the page, and we hope we did suggest you something cool! Have a seat, headphones on, and enjoy your trip back to the golden age!

– Macspider

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Matteo Schiavinato
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Matteo Schiavinato

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Macspider is an italian Techno and Drum&Bass producer, living in Vienna (Austria). Spanning from Techno and Neurofunk to Liquid, the sound of Macspider reflects his polyhedrical interests and tastes, with a touch of epic soundtrack-like sounds. He is also a passionate guitar player and is a PhD in Bioinformatics in the daytime.
Matteo Schiavinato
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