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For this Blog, we met Blueprint from Deconstructed Records for an interview. Deconstructive is an upcoming Liquid Funk Label from the United States of America with artists all over the world. Read more about that utterly fresh new Label in the interview below.

LAN: How many people are behind Deconstructed Records?

Blueprint: Currently it is myself (Blueprint) and Audio Agent who runs A&R for the label.

Why the name Deconstructed Records?

I wanted to release my own tunes under my alias Blueprint on my own label and Deconstructed was a word that seemed to work in more ways than one. It also reflected Audio Agent and I going back ten years and hitting a restart button with a new perspective on music in general.

Since when does Deconstructed Records exist?

The short answer is November 2015 but Audio Agent and I have been bouncing the idea of our own label around since 2004.

How did you guys start the label Deconstructed Records?

We started the idea in college and sat on it for years. I wish we started it earlier but better late than never. We revisited the idea a little over a year ago and after I got married, it all came together. Audio Agent and I live far enough away to make it inconvenient to get together for meetings so we set up everything exclusively over the email and the internet.

As I’ve seen, you releases are in the Jazzstep & LiquidFunk section of DnB. Why that?

It is our favorite genre but we are definitely not pigeonholing the label to that specific sound. We love all drum and bass and know that when we come across good music, we are going to work diligently with the artist to release it. We also think that all labels grow and their followers will grow with them.

Where do you artist come from?

Everywhere! Our currently roster ranges from DannyLo who is residing in San Fransisco to Tim Reaper who is in London to Ultracode who is in the Ukraine.

Do you think making music is easier nowadays than it was back in the old days?

Yes but it’s not a bad thing. Yes accessibility comes with some baggage such as more bad music to sift through but it also allows artists who would have never had a chance to make music to make music and get it to the masses.

Where can our readers contact you or submit demos?

Demos should be sent to deconstructedhq@gmail.com.

What should producers know, before they submit their demos?

Please send us links, no attachments, of completed tracks at 320 kbps with as much contact information as possible.

On what do you focus, when receiving a demo?

I look for a solid groove, it has to make me emotional about the track. Once that’s established, I’m looking at the technical aspects ranging from mix down to the arrangement.

Where will Deconstructed Records be in 10 years?

Hopefully releasing vinyl and with a larger team. I want the label to grow and most importantly, release memorable music.

If you want to experience more about Deconstructed Records, check em out on social media:

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Kyhu started to create his first beats in 2007 with a cracked version of Fl Studio 5. After a few months he decided to get a legal copy of Fl Studio and continue making music. First he did some rather shitty Jumpstyle. After that he recognized that he could also produce shitty house.

In 2009 he started a hip hop project with two friends of him, called Copywrite. Copywrite soon transformed into 777, which became the home of the rapper Wrung $ Kid and Kyhu's alias Blue Mask Productions.

In 2014 Kyhu decided to leave Hip Hop and tried to do something new, drum & bass. Finally he has found a genre, in which he found himself a home. A genre which he liked to produce and more important to listen.

So at this point he had the idea to found a label with his fellow and friend Zanidd. And Liquid Audio Network was born.

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