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Filip Motovunski is a balcanic heavyweight. Hailing from Motovun, a croatian town in the istrian region, the guy has been making beats for his whole life and recently has rejoyced releasing Ten Years Making Beats, a work that is a celebration of his career up to now. While he might not have toured a lot outside the balcans and Italy, his name is a big name over there, with more than 500 shows in the last years among Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Italy and so on. In case you’re wondering where Motovun is, here is a map for you.

When I received this promo, I was a little bit surprised for its originality. Usually, this kind of tracks tend to be well designed, properly mixed, easy to digest and dancefloor-ready. What you don’t expect is that they can also be listener-friendly, that you can actually listen to them 4-5 times in repeat without getting bored and actually paying attention, not just as a background. This is, in my opinion, the strength of these two songs.

Filip Motovunski experimenting levitation with a wall of sound.
Filip Motovunski experimenting levitation with a wall of sound.

Right Here is a proper Drum & Bass track, with a touch of old school and not too heavy, yet kickin’. Lava VIP is carried on by the rap vocals in the beginning that set the tone for a powerful track. For both songs, I liked the non excessive aggressiveness, the heavy sounds that still keep a melodic research and aren’t just noise, and of course the rap vocals. I love the rap vocals on drum & bass, no matter how and who. We strongly encourage you to go and check this release on Beatport or on your favourite music provider, it is worth it!


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Matteo Schiavinato

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Matteo Schiavinato
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