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Fall is coming and the weather is getting colder. No need to say, you’ll have to wear proper clothes for it. But have no fear, we’ve got what you need!



Here you go with the official “Creative Explosion Grenade Green/Purple” Hoodie. We consider you to buy it in grey, but you can choose between two more options (Black and Red)

GEt Creative Explosion Grenade Green/Purple


Or go with our second option “Creative Explosion Grenade Blue/Purple” Hoodie. Both hoodies are unisex and have a logo on the front chest and the back.
GEt Creative Explosion Grenade Blue/Purple




A comfy sweatshirt with an old school retro mixtape. perfect for cooler fall evenings with friends.

GET Lan Tape Sweater

T- Shirts


An old-fashioned, black and white t-shirt for underneath those hoodies or sweatshirts, for when you leave the cold and enter a warm coffee shop or pub.

GET Creative Explosion Grenade Black/White


We’ve got even more shirts! Come check it out at our store:


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Liquid Audio Network

L.A.N. (Liquid Audio Network is a label founded by the mighty Zanidd& KYHU.
We represent the hottest underground liquid drum n bass.

Liquid Audio Network
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