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You want to give to our network but aren’t really a singer or producer? There are plenty of ways to contribute to our network. Here are five of them:

Interact with us

1. Interact with us

May it be on social networks, this website (comments) or via our contact form, we want you to interact with us! @mention us or put an #weAreLan in your posts, write us a PM with pictures of your favorite food, send us pics of you enjoying our music or send us whatever you like. You can even send us a clip of you dancing to the tunes. Just interact with us. We appreciate every interaction on any social network or other channel of communication.

Also make sure to share our content to your friends and grow the community stronger. Start with this tweet:

[tweetthis url=”http://www.liquidaudionetwork.com/”]Amazing Liquid music from underground producers.[/tweetthis]

or use any other share button.

send us a video/ pic

2. Send a video or pictures

So you’re not gifted with musical talent (or maybe you are) but you are talented on let’s say… drawing or photography? A dancer? Perfect!

You can contribute to our network by sending us your work. We will give you an attribution and direct the people who watch the videos you worked in to your channel, website or whatever.

You make time-lapse videos? Send them in if you like!
You want to dance in a video, or maybe do something crazy (Freerun, Street art, etc…)? Contact us and we will discuss further. Just make sure to put the subject to “COLLABORATION”.

tell your friends

3. Tell your friends

You might think we already discussed this way. But no. We think that communicating eye to eye is still one of the best art to reach out to friends. It’s just more personal. Talking to your friends about our project could lead their interest to us and they might enjoy our project as much as you do!

Sadly we can’t meet everybody in the world personally because of geographical reasons 😛


4. Download and enjoy our music

Maybe you think that’s not a big deal. But man, do we love it, when we see our download counter go up. We want you to download the music we share. Put it on your iPod, iPhone, Smartphone, PC, whatever. Just download it and enjoy the music as it flow through your eardrums to your brain and stimulates all the emotions and feelings that you like 😉

watch our youtube- videos

5. Watch our YouTube- Videos

Ok, so yeah. This one is very similar to the download one. But with every view we get our ranking will improve on Youtube. The more you watch it, the better we will get. It’s also really important to subscribe to our channel to stay up to date about new videos.

We want to help underground producers reach the world with amazing sound and you can help us.


You are more than just a number in a Like- Box or Subscribtion- Box. You are a member of a community. A society. A member of a network filled with liquidfunk and dnb enthusiasts. A worthy member of Liquid Audio Network.

You are not alone. And you have the power to help us and any producer that submits a song to us.

Keep that in mind and have a nice evening.

[tweetthis]”You are more than just a number in a Like- Box. You are a member of a community. A society.”[/tweetthis]

Liquid Audio Network
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Liquid Audio Network

L.A.N. (Liquid Audio Network is a label founded by the mighty Zanidd& KYHU.
We represent the hottest underground liquid drum n bass.

Liquid Audio Network
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