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There aren’t many songs or LPs that reach out to the deepest of your heart, bringing you into a state of trance that you totally have a hard time escaping for the next days. This is the truth about Kimyan Law‘s new work, an LP called Zawadi, out with Blu Mar Ten Music, which is magnificient in each of its aspects. This LP is somehow like those art pieces that you can’t ignore, those ones that are so qualitative in each direction you look them that there is not such word as “dislike” for them. For the music producer and blogger that I am, this LP sounded like an epiphany: it inspired me composing new music and left me in a state of what da hell for 5 hours straight. To be completely honest I didn’t know his name before the promo email hit my inbox some weeks ago. I didn’t think of anything special when I read the name, but as I always do I worth every promo I receive with a listen because there is always the chance that you miss something great if you make the choice before listening. And this was the case! After listening to the whole Zawadi LP for the first time I was already astonished by the quality that the young talent Kimyan Law was able to put in action in this second work of his (first one was Coeur Calme, 2014).

Kimyan Law with a copy of his 2014 release "Coeur Calme".
Kimyan Law with a copy of his 2014 release “Coeur Calme”.

As you can tell from this picture over here, the guy is young. Hailing from the year 1994, which has seen the birth of many true talents to be honest, he deserves a huge round of “clap yo’ hands people!” just for this. Yeah, because it’s hard to be considered a cult artist from the world electronic scene at the age of 22 years old (believe me!). Artists like Bonobo, Caribou, and many more didn’t make it before 29-30 years old, he’s definitely many years ahead in this race, and totally deserves it! When I heard this LP and subsequently checked out Coeur Calme as well, what I heard was talent, pure and simple, a perfect resin bead of talent with a prehistoric Moth inside. You are probably wondering why a moth. Well, take a look at the artwork once again, on the top of the article: ain’t it a white moth? Told ya! It is, and the last song of the album is, in fact, called white moth anthem. The White Moth is an animal that is full of dark symbolysm. First, in many latin culture it symbolyzes the death of a loved one. In other cultures, it represents the wishes of illness from someone who is an enemy of yours that you’re unaware of; in other cultures, though, it represents purity. In a more biological way, the moth is the evolution of a caterpillar, and might represent the artistic evolution of an ungrown lifeform into something pure and mature. This is exactly what I found when comparing Coeur Calme and Zawadi: two works clearly coming from the same mastermind, but with different levels of artistic adulthood. Zawadi is an adult work.

Kimyan Law.
Kimyan Law.

The best track of the album is, in my humble opinion, Magic. This track features the voice of Clara Luzia, and reminded me a lot of Bonobo in his Black Sands period, precisely in the song Stay the Same (feat. Andreya Triana) which you can listen here. Clara Luzia is a Viennese singer which has a long background in the musical scene of the city and more, her enchanting voice clearly matches the title of the song and makes it unforgettable. Since the song is the second one of the album, you listen to it very soon when playing it and after it you will want to go through the whole LP to check it out because it will attract you like a magnetic plate attracts a piece of iron. And detatching from it will be hard.

Clara Luzia during a live show.
Clara Luzia during a live show.

Now for the closing remarks: how do we rank this work? As you probably have read in the previous articles, we introduced our new measurement unit, the Jake. A Jake measures the awesomeness of a work, and can go from 1 to 5, where 1 means “average” and 5 means “arnold-schwarzenegger-awesome”. I want, for the first time in the November-evaulated releases, to assign 5 Jakes. Careful dudes, we don’t give a 5 that easy, and we won’t in the future! But this one is truly deserved, as this one is probably one of the best LPs that came out this year in the electronic / drum & bass scene (it’s not only drum & bass, we can’t really include it in the category completely). Kimyan Law made an amazing work, rich in inspiration, talent and soul. Some things just can’t be ignored, and this is one: if you play this LP enough loudly, you’ll convert to electronic music more than 50% of the people in your city. Now I won’t hold you anymore telling you how much I did like this album, go check it out! You can find it on the Blu Mar Ten Music website, it costs less than 10 pounds, which is obviously a plus. Enjoy!

– Macspider

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Matteo Schiavinato
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