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Drum and Bass

Drum & Bass exists since over two decades now. What started as a simple mix between Amen-Breaks and hard 808-Kicks became more tasty and diversified.

Of course a lot of ravers were part of it and Drum & Bass had it’s commercial peak back then but after that DnB kinda went underground again.

The rise of Drum and Bass


In 2001 I discovered DnB from the lovely game Midnight Club 1, which included the nasty breaks from Dom and his beloved drum machine Roland. Driven by my fascination about its’ dark feeling, the fast breaks and its energy I showed it to my friends, which were  just like: “Well again, another dirty technoraveshit”.

Drum & Bass didn’t really find its place in my hometown Zürich (well yeah beside doing watches and serious bank business we sometimes like to listen to music).  It kinda left me lonely, because nobody could share my interests in this fast music. Even when Camo & Krooked smashed the clubfloor with their banger ‘Turn Up (The Music)’, my friends weren’t that interested in visiting a D&B-Rave than today.

But because of the slight house touch of the Hospital-Releases a few people got attracted to it. Even at Street Parade in Zürich, which is a big open air dance festival, they had a Drum & Bass Lovemobile, hosted by our national fellows JUR & Riot.

The current situation


In 2014 there were more and more D&B-Events. Even my friends were like, okay I’ll give it a try, and now they’re loving it. So I noticed that beside Liquid, JumpUp and Neurofunk are well-known. Also on the radio you can hear tunes like ‘Dj Fresh-Gold Dust’, ‘Sigma-Nobody To Love’ or ‘Wilkinson-Afterglow’, which all have some Pop-Influence.

Is this still Drum & Bass?

I mean yeah, it has fast Drums and decent basslines but we could see what happened to the slower brother Dubstep. The musical industry kinda raped it. Even Britney Spears did a Dubstep tune, which is slightly a punch in the face for those, who were always supporting, loving and creating this type of music.

Even Netsky signed with Sony, so I’m kinda worried.

This is why I’m asking.

How far can Drum & Bass go, to still sound like Drum & Bass and not like a casual Pop-Song?
Is DnB already commercial?
What are you guys thinking?

Tell us your opinion in the comment section below.

And please don’t get me wrong. Netsky, Sigma, Dj Fresh and Wilkinson are all great artists, who really doing a great job.

Sorry for the long post. Here’s a picture of me working hard.




Co- Founder at Liquid Audio Network
Kyhu started to create his first beats in 2007 with a cracked version of Fl Studio 5. After a few months he decided to get a legal copy of Fl Studio and continue making music. First he did some rather shitty Jumpstyle. After that he recognized that he could also produce shitty house.

In 2009 he started a hip hop project with two friends of him, called Copywrite. Copywrite soon transformed into 777, which became the home of the rapper Wrung $ Kid and Kyhu's alias Blue Mask Productions.

In 2014 Kyhu decided to leave Hip Hop and tried to do something new, drum & bass. Finally he has found a genre, in which he found himself a home. A genre which he liked to produce and more important to listen.

So at this point he had the idea to found a label with his fellow and friend Zanidd. And Liquid Audio Network was born.

Check out Kyhu on Soundcloud:

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