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The latest material released with Bad Taste Recordings from Trilo, the slovak Neurofunk producer, seems like he’s trying to create hype for the new Blade Runner movie. I’m a huge fan of Blade Runner, and obviously I got involved quite immediately with these two songs. We’re talking about Exit Ticket and Panic Room, two songs that have the typical neurofunk sound but also introduce audio elements that call back to the sci-fi of the eighties. This is kind of a trend in this year, as I said also here when I talked about Cyantific’s new material 2 months ago, and I think that this trend has to continue! Introducing these old-fashioned leads, with a well-rounded body and a lot of personality has brought Drum & Bass back from the cave where it was roaming. As a matter of fact, I was looking at Drum & Bass in these last 2 years and thinking: damn, this child is trying to escape from this cavern by going down instead of up! Things started getting creepy, more and more, until someone just said that it was enough and we should have reintroduced the so called lead in the track, using sounds with personality. At the other corner of this platoon, other producers removed completely the dying concept of synth lead from their tracks and embraced grime sounds and even more industrial atmospheres.


Trilo, which now is based in Krakow (Poland), has his history in Drum & Bass. If you search for his music in YouTube you will eventually go through a series of videos of automated lawn-mowers, but you’ll also find his feat. with Zombie Cats Closing Chapter, which is one of those tracks that you want in a videogame (listen here). Generally, one could say that Trilo has the typical Neurofunk sound: fat basslines, deep dark atmospheres, edgy sounds, a lot of complexity in the drum patterns and minor grooves. However, this new EP pops out of the amount of Neurofunk that our ears are daily exposed to. There are a lot of songs and albums that are average, some of them are absolutely beautiful background music, very few are actually worth listening carefully, as also my colleague LiteFlow pointed out.

The average result of a search for the word "Trilo" in Google, YouTube and any other search engine. Since Trilo's new EP is released with Bad Taste Recordings, we can go a lil' bit bad taste too.
The average result of a search for the word “Trilo” in Google, YouTube and any other search engine. Since Trilo’s new EP is released with Bad Taste Recordings, we can go a lil’ bit bad taste too.

To be honest, what I liked of this release by Trilo are not the basslines but the interludes and the melodies that build up to the neurofunk parts. I really liked the use of 80s-fashioned melodies and synths, that bring our minds back to those sci-fi movies like Blade Runner, and I really valued the fact that he as an artist took the time to build it up this way instead of the usual, easy, cheap fat bass that makes everyone happy but you’ll forget the day after tomorrow. These songs tend to remain, while the easy ones tend to fly away as they fade. Therefore, this release gets a very good mark of 4 jakes! Good job!

– Macspider




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Matteo Schiavinato
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Matteo Schiavinato

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Macspider is an italian Techno and Drum&Bass producer, living in Vienna (Austria). Spanning from Techno and Neurofunk to Liquid, the sound of Macspider reflects his polyhedrical interests and tastes, with a touch of epic soundtrack-like sounds. He is also a passionate guitar player and is a PhD in Bioinformatics in the daytime.
Matteo Schiavinato
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