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What can I tell about the Properties Of Addition LP by Agressor Bunx? Based on the 4-track sampler we received, there’s honestly not a great deal going on beside the usual one-note bass carpet with random samples (toootally unheard before) triggered on the beat.


So I guess I’ll have to put my baseball cap on backwards and start talkin’ like the cool dudes do, saying what an amazing wall of sound design this LP really is; how the beats are way sick and rad and totally blow your mind like “Wooooooah!!1!1! What synth you use for dat bass, duuude?”. Evry track punch you in da face with each snare hit that is, like, way too hard for human brain to fully deal with it, and dem drops man, they hit you hard in the guts. The Offering is like the score from Jaws, only it’s way more brutal and tight and dark and dope, it’s like you can feel the bad vibes in the air and then the drops kick in and your body goes crazy like it’s on ecstasy. Radical Sound has some nasty radical sounds, it’s like two metal rods are havin sex while havin their bowels ripped off… dat voice sample tho! Ok, I can’t keep this up, except maybe… HAAAAAAA!! IIIAAAAH!! HAAAAAAA!! WAT!! WOO!! If you listen to Ninja you’ll know what I’m talking about, and so does the ninja. Really liked it though, and it’s good for waving your limbs around while you’re high so go and check it out on Eatbrain today, March 30th.


Agressor Bunx:


Lorenzo Furlanetto
Stay tuned!

Lorenzo Furlanetto

Freelance Artist & Editor at Liquid Audio Network
Lorenzo, aka LiteFlow, an Italian producer based in Rome. Born in 1993 in the north-east of Italy, currently refining my skills as a producer at “Saint Louis College Of Music” in Rome studying music theory, composition, electronic production and sound engineering.
Lorenzo Furlanetto
Stay tuned!