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So… Do you say Jungle Is Massive or Junglist Massive? This question and some more slang- terminology of the Jungle world are going to be explained in this post- series. So read on. 


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All of the people in a dance or club/ the whole culture in general


west kingston

Originally derived from Jamaican slang.
Jungle is a region of West Kingston, Similar to Rema, Dunkirk, Waterhouse. It is notorious for gangsters, politics, guns and outlaws. It is an impoverished area as well. A “Junglist” is a person from Jungle. It was adapted from reggae samples an applied to a fan of Jungle drum and bass.

We now call ourselves junglists.

Jungle Is Massive/ Junglist Massive

A shout used by a lot of Jungle Tracks but a lot of people don’t know whether it’s Jungle Is Massive or Junglist Massive. Truth is, according to this source that it’s Junglist Massive.
It’s a shout out to the crowd. With Junglist meaning a Drum And Bass/ Jungle- Listener and Massive meaning crowd. But today you can use both.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned, as we are going to release the next part on the next monday!


why did the lion get lost?
because the jungle is massive.


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