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I remember a few years back: I used to walk the streets of Rome with Miracle and Let Go on my headphones and thinking “Damn, Koven really IS a two-headed beast!”. Never would I have imagined I’d be writing about a release of theirs now, two years later or so!


Here we are nearly a month after Lasting (Part II) was released on Viper, but this was too good to overlook. The atmosphere of this track is just so vast and wide: Katie’s signature voice echoing through a universe of strings and saws gave me goose bumps just like it always does: I’ll take a bold stance here and say that she’s divine and there’s just no arguing about it! While lost in this ocean of sound the wave of the build-up cathces you gently in its currents and all of a sudden it violently slams you to the ground in one of the tightest, driest drops I’ve ever heard, and then it’s melodic dubstep “…all the way across the sky!” as the rainbow dude puts it. The bass is a dirty, filthy king and the saws are his queen, playing tag running along the octaves while the drums pump up all they’ve got! This tune is just magnificent, a beautiful reinterpretation of the cinematic Lasting, final track from the Sometimes We Are EP released back in 2015, and it rocks many of the same verses and basically the same chords loop (which kinda reminded me of Home by Rameses B), but man, the power this track yields! Maybe it’s because it happens to me a lot, but I love when artists reinvent a track: so often you have an idea and from the beginning you’re able to see all the different ways it could go, but must necessarily choose one. It’s like it is never fully realized, it remains a voice in the back of your head until you let her free and follow her to wherever it wanted to go from the start; it’s potential energy transformed into kinetic power, and this track is full of it!

Just one minor thing (you know, just ‘cause I love to be a pain in the ass): the drop suffers from a very serious and widespread disease these days called “Too much f***ing compression!!”; you can take a look at the picture below to see its heinous claws at work. Some may say it’s an artistic choice but I really found it detrimental, especially on the voice: there is just too much, both sidechain and regular. I can’t help but think how much harder that drop could hit you in the face!

Nevertheless, my infatuation with Koven runs just too deep to deprive them of my 5 Jakes!



Viper Recordings

Lorenzo Furlanetto
Stay tuned!

Lorenzo Furlanetto

Freelance Artist & Editor at Liquid Audio Network
Lorenzo, aka LiteFlow, an Italian producer based in Rome. Born in 1993 in the north-east of Italy, currently refining my skills as a producer at “Saint Louis College Of Music” in Rome studying music theory, composition, electronic production and sound engineering.
Lorenzo Furlanetto
Stay tuned!