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Hey guys!

A lot of you seemed to like our network, the idea in general and our merch. So we decided to drop the prices to the lowest possible, so that you can enjoy our merch without becoming broke as f*ck!

So check it our if you’re interested and want to support us (link opens in a new tab):

EUR Outside EUR

(You might need to clear your cache etc… to see the new, lower prizes)

In other News

Our newest (official association) member CrazyBot (also known for this animation) is working on some fresh new designs for our merch! So stay tuned and check out our blog regularly to be the first to know when we will drop the new merch.

But for now just enjoy our lower prices and support our cause! 🙂



Co- Founder at Liquid Audio Network
Junglist, Drum And Bass enthusiast and Hip- Hop lover.
I started LAN with my friend KYHU to give unknown talents a place to shine bright.

I write a couple of blog posts and also released a couple of songs on LAN.

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