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Well yeah, another Blog about me, moaning about some recent stuff. This time I’m focusing RAM. As many know RAM stands for raw and high-quality Drum & Bass. Since ages RAM delivers the D&B-Crowd with massive club-bangers and utterly heavy basslines. But in the past few months RAM didn’t really impress me with tunes, rather more with the evil deal with Sony Music. Well yeah, as I said in one of my earlier Blogs, some D&B Labels and Artists are riding the Mainstream trend, which isn’t a bad thing by rule, but in my opinion doesn’t result in exciting and innovative tunes.


I don’t want to say that all about RAM is now bad. No, not at all. You can hear massive breaks from their sublabel ProgRam. Aggressor Bunx is putting their Breaks and Basses to the limit and also the other artists featured on the ProgRam – Encrypted EP are doing quite a fair job. Also I’ve pointed out that RAM has massive high standards for the tunes. But beneath that, RAM really doesn’t think outside the box. If you check out the five latest releases on their YouTube-Page you might notice that the Mixing and Mastering of their Tunes is amazing but, apart from that, there is nothing pionieering. I mean, DC-Breaks using his Bass-Presets over and over again, Audio‘s tunes nearly doesn’t sound different at all and on a RAM-Night every set sounds the same.


RAM is still creative but if you compare it to the other labels, it might result in admitting that RAM isn’t on its highest peak. Liquicity released Escapism III which definitely has some good stuff. Makoto’s YGMYC is, in my point of view, creativity and dnb at it’s finest. It has something that want’s to be heard over and over again. Also the tracks from Pola & Bryson on Escapism III are chilled but powerful at the same time. UKF and Neurofunk Grid just released neurofunk tunes on their Youtube-Channel that definitely are going to shatter your bones and Hospital Records is still on another level.


RAM still has some cool stuff but in my opinion you can’t mix just RAM-Tunes in a set. I’ve heard all RAM-Artists at LiR2014 and for f**ksake it was as exciting and varied as watching a blank wall. And from there on their release almost sound identical. I hope that RAM will soon put on some hot and innovative stuff again, because RAM is and will always be a part of D&B. Even tough many of us buried RAM after their deal with Sony.

And you? What are your thoughts about the latest RAM tunes? Do you agree or do you feel offended? The article is meant to raise a debate, and I’m curious about your opinion.



Co- Founder at Liquid Audio Network
Kyhu started to create his first beats in 2007 with a cracked version of Fl Studio 5. After a few months he decided to get a legal copy of Fl Studio and continue making music. First he did some rather shitty Jumpstyle. After that he recognized that he could also produce shitty house.

In 2009 he started a hip hop project with two friends of him, called Copywrite. Copywrite soon transformed into 777, which became the home of the rapper Wrung $ Kid and Kyhu's alias Blue Mask Productions.

In 2014 Kyhu decided to leave Hip Hop and tried to do something new, drum & bass. Finally he has found a genre, in which he found himself a home. A genre which he liked to produce and more important to listen.

So at this point he had the idea to found a label with his fellow and friend Zanidd. And Liquid Audio Network was born.

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