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Neonlight, the Leipzig based duo composed of Tobias Jakubczyk and Jakob Thomser, released a new album on the 8th of May. The album, named My galactic Tale, is a concept album about the story of a scientist in a far away future which was realizing the most incredible of energy sources but dramatically failed ending up destroying an entire civilization. In his last moments, he leaves a message which is also composing the words of the prolog. Here it goes:

“I am standing here and can barely comprehend what has happened. All of my life, I have delved deeply into science to make a better future for mankind possible, but in the end, I took it away from them. I was one of the leading scientists of Project Flare. We were on the verge of creating an immense energy source that could’ve brought humanity into a new era. But something completely unforeseen happened and it led to the extinction of an entire civilisation. It is impossible to know how we could’ve escaped this, but destiny led us to a place that taught us to survive. And now we are standing here, where everything began. I do not know if anybody will ever find these records. I can just hope that this wasn’t for nothing. My name is Doctor Martin Shepherd and this is my galactic tale.”

[Neonlight – Prolog (My Galactic Tale)]


The album can be divided in two chunks. The first one is Neurofunk at its finest. The second one has some drumstep and half-speed tunes that shovel away some anxiety that the first part generates. Taken together, they certainly are a good mix. Plus, when you get the intention of the authors to evocate with music what the title of the song suggests, it gets better song by song. After a few songs, you be like:


During the listening of the album, you’re transported into another dimension with your mind and lose contact with reality. Seriously guys, don’t listen to this while driving, it will drive you, not the opposite. You reach a moment of it, precisely between Tailspin and Lost Signal, in which your realize that for the previous 35-40 minutes you were Dancing naked in the Mind Field. At the end of that song, which is truly and utterly uplifting, I really loved how the lead increases in dimension and takes over the other instruments, while everything fades to white noise. I seriously think that it was the most emotional part of the album, especially because when Lost Signal starts after it, you are brutally brought back to reality with a batman-like slap underlined from a huge drumstep breakdown.


Another moment of the album that made me think that this is a great work is when I first listened to Bad Omen. That song reminded my of the moment in which Deckard sees the pyramid in Blade Runner for the first time. The synth in the beginning is very similar to the one of the movie’s main theme and evokes the same futuristical-mechanical atmospheres of man versus machine. The sounds after the drop, well, they are the human vs machine clash. As in the movie, after this song you will be able to say what’s here next (if you get what I mean and who the guy in the picture is).


The last song of the album is peculiar. First of all, after an entirely instrumental album, it has lyrics. Then, these lyrics are somehow evocative of a new beginning and a new start. I must say that at first I found them a bit “Disney“, like they could have been the proper soundtrack for Disney’s Treasure planet, and that is probably what you don’t want from a Drum & Bass track! However, after having listened to the LP a second, a third, a fourth, the N-th time, I must say that I like it. Lyrics are somehow needed after the previous hour of bombing basslines and thundering drums, and the positive atmosphere you’re left with, after it finishes, is really something great. Shout out to our buddies Neonlight, they’ve made a massive work! You can find them in many places on the internet, some of them are SoundCloud, the Blackout Music label website and Facebook.

We’ll leave each other with the track that I think it’s the best of the album: Tailspin. Enjoy!

Matteo Schiavinato
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Matteo Schiavinato

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Matteo Schiavinato
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