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How can he do that? How? If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, it’s the release rate of Tim Eliot aka Current Value. The producer is one of the most active in the Drum & Bass scene and has released something like 20-30 songs in the last year only. These songs are all of decent quality and definitely good ammo for every DJ in the world. Is this some kind of survival strategy? Like, some people release extreme-quality material every six years (*coughs* Black Sun Empire *coughs*) and other people, like Current Value, release good things every ten seconds. You can hardly follow the release of his material, because while you’re writing the article he’s probably dropping another one.

Rare image of Current Value not dropping a release.
Rare image of Current Value not dropping a release, just dropping the bass.

The new release we’re talking about is called Starfleet EP and has been released by Blackout Music, the label owned by Black Sun Empire, based in Utrecht (Netherlands). The label has been quite busy recently with the release of BSE’s new album scheduled for March 31 and with this CV new release (March 10). We’re actually a bit late in covering this one, but aren’t we excused? If we follow his release speed, we will encourage him speeding up even more, and we don’t want that. Things could get cringy.

Current Value at work.
Current Value at work.

The EP comes with six tracks that are pretty much a straight forward block of concrete bass in your face, to put it bluntly. I really enjoyed it and while listening I was like -damn this goes in my next mix for sure- and things like that. A sign of a very good release (I’m very picky). I particularly like how Tim manages to layer the basslines in such a way that they range from 20 to 200 Hz with the same impact on your ears, you basically experience a block of sound that makes your ear membranes vibrate rhythmically with his songs. It’s pretty cool, can’t deny it.

Yeah, another release for you buddies. Enjoy.
Yeah, another release for you buddies. Enjoy.

Recently, he dropped another EP called Rethink for Othercide records, of which we talked about here. The title of that article is explicative of how we feel towards the rate of releases that CV is keeping up these years. On the same train of thought of that EP, this one is also Neurofunk as hell. The first song Starfleet sets the tone with a solid bassline, the second Electrify has a very catchy groove and keeps you there. The third song Agility is probably the heaviest, definitely one of the nastiest drops I’ve heard recently (listen here), and the fourth and fifth (Minds Nature and Rectangular) are just on the same sounds. The final song Sacred is interesting because there is a laser sound used as a lead. Curious experiment, interesting result. The choirs also make the whole thing heavier. This whole  EP is a massive release, which is definitely a high quality piece. Be sure to grab your copy at Beatport here!


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Matteo Schiavinato

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Matteo Schiavinato
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