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“If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour… you’re gonna see some serious shit.”

This quote is part of something we grew up with. Who didn’t ever dream to be the one in the DeLorean with Doc? Well I did. Many times. Maybe, just to go back in the past and tell to the younger myself “she’s gonna hurt you”, or “that band really sucks live, spare money”.

But sometimes, you would like to do something more. I’m talking about going back and forth. Wouldn’t you go back, take something you lost during years, and bring it back to the future with you? Producers know what I’m talking about. You can hear the immense chorus of producers completing this statements with me:

– “Oh, how would I like to find that old project that I can’t remember the melody of.”
– “I’d really like to re-start it with this new gigantic experience amount I gained during years.”
– “Oh, I was so dumb back in that days.”

During these last months I thought about a hip hop beat I’ve made in the past, because I wasn’t able to recollect the melody. I searched my whole hard drive for it. I even searched in my instrumental CDs that I use when I DJ. I felt like doc being unable to let the DeLorean work.


Back to the Future Doc Brown

Well sometimes the past knock back to your fucking door when you’re taking a serious shit. A rapper friend of mine (actually similar to Marty McFly) for whom I’ve made a hip hop beat 2 years ago called me (literally when I was on a “session”) asking for better separate tracks for that beat. He went in my studio with his pendrive, connected it and -boom- that hip hop beat I was searching for was there.


Moreover, it was made of separate tracks so I didn’t only heard what horrible drums I’ve made, but I’ve been able to improve them while keeping the other tracks! That gave me a huge satisfaction, and I’m sure you all had experienced this feeling once also. 

The take-home message is simple: sometimes producing is not dropping dope shit for your DJ friends, rather improving old shit you forgot making it change from sun-dried smelly shit to a creamy, fat, brown one. Quoting Doc again, “the way I see it, if you’re gonna build a time machine into a car, why not do it with some style?”

Take care guys, and remember: the next one who knocks your door could carry a part of your past. Unless he’s indian, in that case he would curry it.


Matteo Schiavinato
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Matteo Schiavinato

Freelance Artist at Liquid Audio Network
Macspider is an italian Techno and Drum&Bass producer, living in Vienna (Austria). Spanning from Techno and Neurofunk to Liquid, the sound of Macspider reflects his polyhedrical interests and tastes, with a touch of epic soundtrack-like sounds. He is also a passionate guitar player and is a PhD in Bioinformatics in the daytime.
Matteo Schiavinato
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