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An idea sprouts

A couple of months ago we started this project called LAN – Liquid Audio Network. Our idea was basically to just upload good liquid music with a nice picture in the video. But there already are enough people doing it. However we didn’t see any who particularly was covering the niche of underground Liquid Drum And Bass producers. We wanted to give them a bigger audience. To join their audience with our and vice-versa. Thus creating a Network of Drum And Bass lovers. We started with a simple tune made by us, the founders of LAN and asked a couple of other producers to join our network.

The first song presented by LAN:

Since then a lot of time passed. We made a couple of tunes (which will be released soon) and got a lot of submissions by other artists (which will also be released soon). The idea of our network of drum and bass lovers seems to suit the need in the liquid scene. And we really appreciate each submission we get.

[tweetthis]The idea of a network of dnb lovers seems to suit the need in the liquid scene[/tweetthis]

time time time

Time, Time, Time…

We got so much music, that we had to coordinate everything. What started as a let us just upload some stuff once in a while is starting to get bigger. We have to schedule each song and plan ahead.

Plus we started making some actual videos for the tracks instead of just putting a picture in the clip. We are collaborating with local artists and artists from over the world, to manage to get all the footage we need. And then there’s still the need to cut everything.
For 3 clips a month.

The time we invest in collaborations and deals with other local artists is huge and astonishing, but it is really worth all the time, since we can get amazing results from it.

[tweetthis]The time we invest in collaborations with other artists is huge but we get amazing works done[/tweetthis]

fun fun so much fun

Fun, fun, so much fun!

Even doe it might seem like we are complaining about something, there isn’t really anything we are complaining about. We love to see that our network is growing. Thanks to you, the other artists and us, we can grow to build a huge network of drum and bass lovers!

The overwhelming amount of music we receive is just amazing! Keep the good work coming.

And don’t forget that we are a network, a unity!

[tweetthis]Don’t forget that we are a network, a unity![/tweetthis]

Liquid Audio Network
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Liquid Audio Network

L.A.N. (Liquid Audio Network is a label founded by the mighty Zanidd& KYHU.
We represent the hottest underground liquid drum n bass.

Liquid Audio Network
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