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Hey guys!

Since we started to grow a little we are planing on scaling our website. We are going to make a few small changes and add some new functionality:

  • We are going to separate our blog in multiple categories
  • There will be an artist section
  • The homepage will be changed “dramatically”

New features:

  • You will be able to add an Event (There will be another post explaining this)
  • You will see Events from around the world on the home- page

We hope that you will enjoy the changes and updates we will make.

Since we are doing some changes starting from march, the site may take longer to load sometimes, but don’t worry, it’ll be back faster after these week(s)

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Liquid Audio Network
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Liquid Audio Network

L.A.N. (Liquid Audio Network is a label founded by the mighty Zanidd& KYHU.
We represent the hottest underground liquid drum n bass.

Liquid Audio Network
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