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It’s nice when a tune catches your attention from the very beginning. It happened with Spychase from Insideinfo short time ago, but also with Dossa & Locuzzed last summer with Dance and Shag, and now it has happened with Make me stronger from Murdock, the latest release from Viper Recordings. What do these tunes have in common? They are extremely funk. Soulful voices, catchy melodies, influences from the 70’s motown singing style, and drum and bass as the framework.

Murdock is a belgian producer and DJ who never stopped since the last 15 years. In Belgium, he is preceded by his name and fame, being the organizer of some of the best parties in the country rocking thousands of people at once. Differently from other drum & bass producers who hardly made it to the main stage of the biggest electronic events in the world, Murdock has been into all of them, like Pukkelpop and Tomorrowland. He knows how to turn the heat on. However, the second song of this two-songs EP, Final Frontier, is not one of those songs that are made to turn the place on, as instead, the tune is more intimistic and introverted, putting you as a listener in a state of trance and self-contemplation that is typical of Liquid Drum & Bass, even if the song is not properly liquid.

With these 2 songs Viper has scored a very decent release. Both are energic, well mixed, well built, not similar to other songs and particularly intense. I was particularly captured by Make me Stronger and its funky vibe. It brought me back to last summer, when we all danced to Dossa & Locuzzed’s Dance and Shag, two tunes which are funky as fuck and really make you dance even if you’re one of those people that are all like -mmh sorry I don’t dance I feel awkward-. You can find this EP in Beatport, and for what concerns us we can only award it with 4 Jakes!


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Matteo Schiavinato
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Matteo Schiavinato

Freelance Artist at Liquid Audio Network
Macspider is an italian Techno and Drum&Bass producer, living in Vienna (Austria). Spanning from Techno and Neurofunk to Liquid, the sound of Macspider reflects his polyhedrical interests and tastes, with a touch of epic soundtrack-like sounds. He is also a passionate guitar player and is a PhD in Bioinformatics in the daytime.
Matteo Schiavinato
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