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Looks like that Hohner organ they told us about some time ago is really paying off! Austrian duo Dossa & Locuzzed is back at it with two tracks that are literally exploding with their funkiness. Out today March 3rd on Viper, Stoned Love/Larry features sharp acoustic guitar hooks, e. organs and claps straight outta 70s’ dancefloors packed in a fresh and up-to-date D&B wrapping.


Stoned Love is pure liquid funk, the accents in the beat itself make it a mix of light D&B and 2-step and could be heard in either angles; a peculiar vibrato organ plays the lead role in the beginning and in the middle over a classic pad made of low-passed detuned saws and punchy stabs. The voice hooks repeating for the entire duration of the song are soulful and kind of hypnotic, while the ears are occupied chasing after every little detail in the background, like what definitely appears to be a clavi here and there.

Larry is hard, fast and tight and perfectly mixes heavy bass synths with electric bass riffs (kudos!) that will get your hips moving no matter what: the result is a wall of sound chopped by huge dips of sidechain compression as if they were the deep breaths of a giant. Funky wha-wha’s, square-wave arpeggios and voice sample shots are all over the place, the rhythm is never dull. The energy is all there for the crowd to get!

This release is pleasing and interesting and I don’t care who you are: these tracks will get you groovin’! Therefor I’m awarding ’em 4 Jakes!


Dossa & Locuzzed

Viper Recordings

Lorenzo Furlanetto
Stay tuned!

Lorenzo Furlanetto

Freelance Artist & Editor at Liquid Audio Network
Lorenzo, aka LiteFlow, an Italian producer based in Rome. Born in 1993 in the north-east of Italy, currently refining my skills as a producer at “Saint Louis College Of Music” in Rome studying music theory, composition, electronic production and sound engineering.
Lorenzo Furlanetto
Stay tuned!