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What is more catchy than Cyantific’s artworks? Neon lights, icons of an old-fashioned golden age and 80’s text fonts: I find all of this very attractive, and I’m naturally prone to give in to these stimuli. Whenever I hear some music from Jon Stanley, it always makes me look back to the good old times, when everything was fine and we all were happy, like with his track Hollywood (listen here), to those times that actually never existed but certain vibes like his are able to summon for one last time. One example? His banger Back off from this January, which we danced in every possible mixdown everywhere (listen here). This time things are different, though: last year he released a track named Outatime that became #1 in the charts, and now he managed to make a part 2 of that which is just as good as the first one. Here’s the one from last year:

The first version of Outatime, released in 2016, that you just listened is a full concentrate of energy based on a very simple lead sound that can be generated in 5 minutes with a synthesizer but is, as a matter of fact, very effective and fits perfectly the whole song. This might be the reason why the song penetrated in every narrow space of every drum & bass dancefloor in the civilized world. So at this point, he might as well have thought -why not making it again, anyway?- and took the stems again for another round of composing on that super-fruitful assembly of sounds and ideas. And it worked!

As you can hear, the new version is quite similar to the original Outatime but has some originality elements like the drop bass and the usage of the leads that make an entirely different song of it, therefore spotlighting the talent of Cyantific as producer and remixer of him-very-self. I tried to remix some of my tracks once, but it was because they sucked and I wanted to improve the outcome. How can you improve something which is already a banger? Well the answer is quite easy: you don’t improve it, rather you go backwards and branch a new project to try ending up with a different thing. This happened also in other situations, one above all when Calyx & Teebee remixed Pale Blue Dot from the Prototypes. The perfect dancefloor track, remixed by two of the best minds in this business, getting a completely different song using the same sounds. It takes talent!

Jon Stanley aka Cyantific
Jon Stanley aka Cyantific

What makes Cyantific’s sound unique is the mixture of sound elements he chooses, which are as a whole to be considered his fingerprint. He may not use sounds that you never heard before, but the combination of the ones that he uses in every song is always quite recognizable, unique and tasteful. In a previous article about his release Under the Neon / Hollywood, I defined his sound as the natural consequence of a drum & bass producer watching Stranger Things. Well I still think that, and that is what makes his style unique to me. This new release is a properly made remix of a very great track, and has nothing less than the original. On an awesomeness scale from 1 to 5 jakes, it earns a 3.5!


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Matteo Schiavinato
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Matteo Schiavinato

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Matteo Schiavinato
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