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This track of the week is from levelz, hailing from up north in Manchester this group is definitely one to watch. These guys are running the UK at the moment, they are on another level hence the name!! You might recognise a few of the mcs from tracks they have done with the likes of The Mouse Outfit, Dub Phizix and of course there own solo shieet. So if your into diverse lyrics accompanied by weighty bass you are more then likely going to love this. I haven’t had chance to see these live yet but every video iv seen it goes off and the crowd look super gassed so if they are in a city near you, you need to go. You can get all there tracks so far of there band camp: https://levelzmcr.bandcamp.com

Levels consists of Biome. Black Josh. Bricks. Chimpo. Chunky. Dub Phizix. Fox. Jonny Dub. Metrodome. Rich Reason. Skittles. Sparkz. Truthos Mufasa. T-Man. + Friends: Konny Kon, Strategy, Walton, Werkha + Zed Bias. Instead of spending money on a press campaign they decided to hire a stretch hummer get loads of booze and hand out melons to places like mixmag haha but il stop rambling now and let the music do the talking… Chh cch cheeky!!

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 12.41.34



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The young producer from Lincolnshire amazes with his atmospheric, piano-based tracks blended with melancholic vocals. But J-Wok offers a big variety of dnb- music in his repertoire. From melancholic chill tracks to rough club bangers. Even neurofunk and remixes and bootlegs

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