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“Giant steps are what you take\Walking on the moon” sang The Police in 1979. On November 10, 2017 Liquicity released Escapism 4 and these verses of The Police describe perfectly the feelings that reach you while listening to this beautiful compilation. Escapism 4 is the fourth compilation that, since 2014, Liquicity creates, putting togheter the smoothest Drum & Bass coming from the best liquid artists coming from all over the world. The first artist that appears in this compilation is Flite. Liquicity has already released the EP The Cure of this young american producer (here you can find our article about this EP). For the first 2 minutes there is no drums but only athmosphere sounds that recreate perfectly the “Galaxy of Dreams” (he said that this song has come to his mind during a dream), but when the drums come in you can hear perfectly his unique sound.

Escapism 4 also feature three exclusive remixes of Liquicity classics. Take It In by Feint and Koven taken from the compilation Alchemy 2 is remixed by Hybrid Minds, that redifined the entire style of the song, giving chilly drums and a relaxing piano to it. The second remix that we find is Dawning, originally by Monrroe , released on the Alchemy compilation in 2015, here remixed by Technimatic. Minimal sounds add a great flavour to the already wonderful sounds of the original version. The last remix is made by Pola and Bryson that work on Beats Still Own The Rythm by Bachelors Of  Science. Originally released in 2014 in the first Escapism compilation made by Liquicity. In this track the young duo from the UK combines the vocal hook and the guitars of the original song with their unique style of liquid Drum & Bass, another life to a big classic of Liquicity.

Between the smooth and chill vibes there is also space for energic melodic tunes. The track Feel Good from Blue Marble is the perfect example of this: sampled funky guitar (that remind me the one of the first 2000s French House), sidechained pads and melodic leads. Shiny Radio with his track A Million Of Colours mixes organ, saxophone samples and 808 basses. HumaNature and Tarz worked toghether for the track Connection: plucked and chopped vocals are combined with a wonderful timelapse of the elevators in the Luxor Casino of Las Vegas in Nevada.

The chillest part of Escapism 4 is rapresented by Dualistic and Monrroe that with the track Station Six and Winters Touch with a perfect mix of relaxing piano and restful vocals. Nymfo give us a wonderful track loaded with soulful vocals and melodic synths, that remembered me his first works with Maduk .

The compilation has also place for some experimental work. The young producer Edlan debuts on Liquicity with an extremely cured track called Horizon. Crazy synths and minimal punchy drums create wonderful athmospheres in Echo by Phaction and Glow Worm by Actraiser. A special mention goes to Rameses B that with the track Stranded  creteas unique enviroment with synthwave sound, rattling drums and dark pad.

In this compilation Liquicity was able to put togheter an absolutely wonderful compilation, exploring a lot of the subgenres of liquid Drum & Bass, and giving us the usual high quality content that we are used to receive from them.

Buy/stream Escapism 4: http://smarturl.it/Escapism4