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Hey guys it’s that time to get sentimental again. This article is about how you helped us and are still helping us!


The Fans


Where would LAN be without Fans? I can tell you… NOWHERE! You are the backbone of our Network!
We must work as a unity and comparing to last year, we are already doing this!

Like a nervous system (or network) one hand washes the other. You are the Neurons of our system, while we are the Glial cells. If you’re not familiar with the nervous system that’s not a problem I’m going to try to explain it a bit.

You see, the Neurons have the fundamental property that they communicate with other cells in the body, thus giving them information and giving it back to the brain (like when you share a video of us), while the Glial cells glue the cells together. Another fine property of the Neurons is, that (even in a nervous system of one species) there are hundreds of different types of neurons, with a wide variety of functions.

So like you, everybody is different, and that’s a good thing because it means diversity. And diversity is a driver of creativity and success!


The artists

An African Proverb states, that if you want to walk far, you’ll have to walk together. This is a huge statement that I am willing to go along with (no pun intended).

We made this group a while ago (thanks to the brilliant idea of KYHU!) where we put every artist, that had a release on our channel. And I must say, this group works. I like it. We share our work in progress trying to give feedback on each of the songs posted, to reach a higher level of quality, vibe and music per se. The atmosphere is friendly and funny and this is what I wanted for LAN since the beginning.

A Network of artists, having fun together, while improving their skills and growing in exposure at the same time. And we are building this experience. One step at a time! Even if we’re spread across the world.

And I think that’s just amazing.


The whole network

We want you to keep it real and stay the way you are. We hope that one day, we will be a big unity. Imagine what we could achieve together as one!

We could grow our exposure and use it to help other people. I mean if you think far enough we could even start a charity campaign if we grow fast and are enough people. So we could help people in need simply by helping undiscovered artist! Dayum.

But the biggest goal would be to make a huge Drum And Bass Festival.

Imagine that.



Co- Founder at Liquid Audio Network
Junglist, Drum And Bass enthusiast and Hip- Hop lover.
I started LAN with my friend KYHU to give unknown talents a place to shine bright.

I write a couple of blog posts and also released a couple of songs on LAN.

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