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Holla boys!

It’s been a while since we last posted something. We retired in our cave, restored our mana, increased our chakra, focused our karma and aligned our souls to provide you with something so fresh you can find it in the fridge of your favourite supermarket: we’re talking about Dossa & Locuzzed ladies and gentlemen, the two austrian dudes that make everybody shake it on the floor. I heard that the Pope, when it’s time to close the door and retire in his apartments, listens to them secretly. We had the pleasure to bring you something extremely fresh, because tomorrow they’ll release two songs of which we don’t want to spoiler the title (you’ll see it at the end of the interview) and we had an exclusive chance to listen to it, for which we thank Viper Recordings and their staff. These two songs are two bangers that you’ll definitely wanna rock in your car’s speaker to impress that girl you met with some unusual viby bass mingled with what’s left of Marvin Gaye. We had the honour to listen to this EP exclusively before the release and we couldn’t have been happier! It really left us with that magical sensation of what the hell did I just listened to, meant in a very positive way.

Dossa & Locuzzed come from St. Pölten, a city around 1 hour by train from Vienna, Austria. To me, this is a special bond: I live in Vienna, and talking about austrian drum & bass artists, as well as italians ones, is always a pleasure for me. D&L’s sound is evo-funk, you know, straight outta hood, just like they’re the DJs involved in a modern setting of the new Netflix series The Get Down, settled in a Bronx where the first roots of Hip Hop are buddying from the funk (seriously, if you didn’t see this series, you lack something). Their sound wiggles your ears like a big mama, and we’re sure that the kings of funk spellcasted something on those instruments before Dossa & Locuzzed composed this EP. We had the pleasure to have an interview with these two mad guys, which provided us with some answers about how the roll the floor. Everything is settled, get ready and enjoy!


Dossa & Locuzzed (St. Pölten, Austria), Viper Recordings


1. Dance / Shag is a golden 2-song EP. I will definitely rock those two tracks in my sets, they fit very well when you want to lift the atmosphere. Your previous release was at the end of August; did it take you just 2 months to produce such gold?

Cheers, glad you like it! Well, we’re constantly making tunes and have loads of “almost” finished tracks in the pipeline, but we always want to make sure to release the right tunes together. We started Dance around last December and finished the project in May, since then we were trying to get the most out of the idea improving the mixdown. Shag came together quite fast and naturally, especially as the main hook is pretty simple. It took us about a month to do it including mixdown.

2. St. Pölten! I live in Vienna since January, and I’m starting to get comfy with the d&b scene here. Where did you start playing? Is there one club or place where you can say you moved your first steps in Vienna or St. Pölten?

Definitely! It’s called Warehouse, and we both played our first gigs there when we were still making music individually and didn’t even know eachother.

Dossa: I’ve been playing there since I was allowed to enter and later also made drum & bass parties. Actually we both first met personally when I booked Locuzzed to one of them.

Locuzzed: Yeah, golden times. They still have really good raves and even festivals going on. Some legendary nights happened there, you should check it out!

3. Many of your songs have Cyantific-vibes: 80s-like synths and bouncing drums. I love Cyantific, so take this as a compliment! Is it all in my head or do you agree with my description? Who are your reference artists, the ones that got you into drum & bass?

Obviously we pull our main inspiration out of Funk music from the 70s and 80s. The idea that the origin of Drum & Bass music lies in Funk is quite interesting, and so what we try is to close the circle somehow. As we listen to Drum & Bass since our youth, you could say every Artist from 2005 to now has influenced us. From the legendary Full Cycle Crew over Pendulum, Camo & Krooked and Noisia, also Cyantfic… We learned a lot from listening to their Music.

4. Talking about your previous releases, Electric Boogie is perfectly aligned with the funk return of today’s music trends. I love this trend, my funk gods are Kool & The Gang, do you have any?

Yeah man, we recognize that more and more people get into funk again. Some even start sending us their funky music telling us that we brought them to the vibe – that’s awesome! There are really too many too mention, but to name a few you should check out Brick, Tuxedo and the likes of Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield or rather the whole Motown Records roaster. If you like more jazzy stuff you should check out Bill Withers and of course Herbie Hancock. We’re actually working on a proper Spotify profile including music that influences us – watch out for that!


Dossa & Locuzzed (St. Pölten, Austria), Viper Recordings


5. “Only a Ninja can stop a Ninja”: one of my fav tracks from 2016. I am a martial artist myself and a big fan of martial arts movies in general, did you get inspired by Revenge of the Ninja?

Not really. To be honest when Pete NC-17 sent us this tune, it just had this wicked Ninja Sample in it. We instantly had the idea to make a Ninja-Karate Fight as Intro, and called the file “Ninja” when we first rendered it. Haven’t changed the name ever since.

6. This end of August I spent quite a time on the Wien U-bahn on my way to work listening to 24/7 and thinking: damn, those words are lit. Is it some sort of a Drum & Bass generation manifesto?

Definitely! Actually we had no idea what the lyrics will be about when we first sent it to Daxta, but as this tune is very raw and shows the essence of Drum & Bass, Daxta wrote those groundbreaking lyrics we first heard at the recording session. The studio vibe was wicked and we think the tune shows this down quite well. It’s a dedication to the music we all live. Shouts to Andi Daxta at this point!

7. A general question: do you play any traditional or rock instrument, or have any rock other musical background besides d&b and producing?

Let’s say our skills on Keys and Guitar are enough to jam on Synths and record loops we can use in our tunes, and besides that Dossa learned to Play drums in his childhood. Some of our best ideas happened through jamming around on instruments, and recently we got a Hohner Organ from the 70es which is just awesome – really hard to play but great fun! We also have a couple of other musical projects besides that doing other genres aswell, and Dossa is studying Sounddesign at university.

8. Name one person, also not well-known, that you’d like to be and tell us why (please weird out, we all have secret ambitions).

Dossa: Everyone has his own little problems in life, so in my opinion being another person probably would not end up different at all. It’s about what you do, not who you are. Sometimes I wish myself back to 1975 though, then I could get part of the funky community.

Locuzzed: At the moment i wish i was part of the council that decided to close fabric just to prevent this happening. Then i would call you for an interview and wish i was me again because i wouldn’t like to work in a council and leave austria, you know? Besides that i think that the juristic wordings are just not included in my school-english vocabulary so it would probably spoil pretty fast that i’m not supposed to be there.

9. I always ask this question at the end of the interviews, I love to read the answers of this one. Complete the sentence: “sometimes, when I’m alone, I…”

Dossa: Dance.
Locuzzed: Shag.


I must say that I really enjoyed the answers of these guys, almost as much as I enjoyed the EP. Be sure to grab your copy on September 30 with this link!

Here are also some useful links that might facilitate your experience through this wild world of the drum & bass music. My role ends here, from now on it’s all in your hands: don’t let this little masterpiece fall from your hands, secure the grip and support these two amazing producers!

– Macspider













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