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This post is about me, Zanidd. So read carefully and enjoy this trip 😛

I was born in 1993 and started to play the guitar even before I could walk straight. But as you can imagine, the sound wasn’t pretty neat at this time. With the age of 8 I decided to take some guitar lessons and improved my skills.

But my favourite music was always Hip- Hop, because I grew up in a place where hip-hop and black culture was omnipresent. While growing up I became interested a lot into the culture and music which lead me to appreciate fresh old-school Hip-Hop.

After ten years of playing guitar I was on the hunt for a new creative challenge and so I started to learn how to play piano. Until now I still play guitar and piano in my spare time.

After  a couple of years then, I met a new friend, who introduced me to the world of producers. I started with simple Hip- Hop beats inspired by classical guitar and piano music, mixed up with my appreciation for old school hip hop and nujabes/ flying lotus/ adult swim influences.

But my style soon changed, when I heard some drum and bass music. There’s this bassline that just rocks, the drums are fast but build with such effort and all the synths and stuff. I was truly fascinated by the sound, so I decided to start making it on my own.

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Co- Founder at Liquid Audio Network
Junglist, Drum And Bass enthusiast and Hip- Hop lover.
I started LAN with my friend KYHU to give unknown talents a place to shine bright.

I write a couple of blog posts and also released a couple of songs on LAN.

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